Franz Bergmair

Work Preperation and Quantum Expert
Nationality Austrian
Languages German, English, French
Key Fields of Expertise
  • Civil Engineering
  • Bridges
  • Tunnelling
  • Contract & Claim Management
  • Cost Engineering
  • Pricing & Tenders
  • Project Management
  • Site Supervision
  • Delay Analysis
  • Quantum Analysis
  • Registration in official register for German building craftsmanship, Berlin; i.e. license to lead a construction company in Germany.
  • Post graduate formation and license for Civil Engineering Design and Consultancy, Vienna.
  • Dipl. Eng. degree in Civil Engineering and Water Construction, University of Natural Sciences, Vienna.
Executive Summary

Franz Bergmair is a Civil Works & Infrastructure Engineer with more than 43 years of compounded on site/project experience in the design optimization, works preparation and methods, pricing of tenders, quantity surveying as well as site- and project management of various types of infrastructure- and plant projects, such as hydro power plants, railway- and motorway projects including very long bridges (of different construction materials like pre-stressed concrete, steel and steel-composite, performed with methods like incremental launching, movable scaffolding, free cantilever, cable stayed, floating into position and prefabricated beams) as well as very long rock tunnels (up to 58 km) and dredged sea tunnels (18 km), special foundation structures, off-shore projects (for artificial islands), industrial plants for steel and automotive production, office- and industrial buildings. He worked in Iran, Algeria, Germany, Austria, Poland, Hungary, France, Serbia, Great Britain, Denmark, Slovakia, Belgium, Spain, Croatia and Bosnia.

He is further an expert in quantum and cost calculation using standard software, forensic scheduling for disruption, productivity analysis and establishment of prolongation cost and loss of productivity calculation. Franz Bergmair is also very skilled in the evaluation and preparation of claims and variations and performed negotiations under various contractual and cultural backgrounds (FIDIC, VOB-B, etc.) with Public and Private Employers in German, English and French contract language. On top, he has extensive knowledge in the preparation of Programme of Works and Risk Analysis in accordance with recognized Risk Management Principles (e.g. ISO 31000:2009).